Here is my small archive. I´m presenting here some software programs that I created over the years as programmer. This can almost be called a software museum because there are several programs appearing a bit older and antiquated.
The reason why I set up the section is on one side that everyone can have a look to find something suitable he/she was looking for. On the other hand this archive may also serve indirectly as a reference or an application. But only people knowing their job should judge about it.

I present only such programs that have come out of the experimental stage in my opinion. Most of them are completed indeed. They can be assigned to different categories because the circumstances and reasons for their origin vary quite much.

Behind the links there are info pages about the single programs. There are some rough descriptions, user hints, background information and of course the links for download. I´m asking you to read all the information and also the documentation supplied with the download files. This may seem a bit tiresome but it helps avoiding the most common problems.

Here are the first 4 programs I specially "removed from dust", and 2 new developments.

    Name Short Description Year
  Boxes 1.1 Game 1996/2002
  Boxes Level Editor 1.1 Additional program for Boxes 1.1 2002
  PhotoView 1.1.6 Management program for Photo CDs 2000/02
  smartFTP Server 1.0.48  Update FTP server for Windows 2001/04
  TIFF Extract 1.1.3 Extraction of single pictures
of a TIFF file
  TIFF Inspector 1.0.3 Inspection of TIFF files 2003
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