I have tried very hard so that there are many new pictures at Lithuania May 2010.

Older Updates


After a long silent period there are news in the Picture Gallery.

At Lithuania May 2010 there are the first 72 pictures.

Continue to be mentioned, that some errors that had appeared in the meantime, are now fixed. In the map view in some cases the arrow that represents the viewing direction was not shown correctly.

Once again the Search function is expanded by another topics.


The next next 64 pictures of the recent short trip at Russia May 2009 are available.

Severel things concern the Picture Gallery:

  • The Search function is expanded by some new topics.
  • Some mistakes of coordinates of some of the older pictures are solved.
  • Beside the camera position the map view contains now also the viewing direction in form of an arrow attached to the camera icon. The displayed view direction currently has a precision of 30 degrees. This limitation is based on the fact that I had to create a graphic for each angle.


Today are available the first next 62 pictures of the recent short trip at Russia May 2009.

Beside that I solved some problems with the Picture Gallery which is why some pictures where not listed or not displayed correctly.


The recent updates were primarly dedicated to design changes and functional improvements. But this update brings new content. The next 58 pictures are available at Serbia May 2008.


The 1. update this year contains a couple of functional improvements and corrections.

All pictures of the Picture Gallery whose camera positions were available already have now saved this data as Exif tags directly inside the picture file. That means these pictures are geocoded.
I have rebuilt the picture database and updated all information. This way I resolved some mistakes which occurred during manual modifications of the database.

Talking about mistakes I must say that unfortunately I noticed not until now that pictures found with the Search function could not be display in the detail view by clicking. This is working now as originally intended.

Similarly it happened with a display problem in the detail view of a picture when using Internet Explorer. The window height was not adjusted correctly so that the window was too high in most cases. This issue existed since I changed the programmatical realization of the layout and stayed unnoticed by me since then.

The group view in the Picture Gallery now has a selectable list style. For this purpose there are according buttons at the top of the list. There is one already well-known style where the pictures are displayed as preview pictures in 3 columns.
In the new list style there is also a short version of the picture description is displayed near the preview. This list style requires more space but it can be useful to find a certain picture more easily. The list style is not selectable in the results page of the Search function.
One minor shortcoming: the setting ist not permanently saved. As you select a different group the default list style is used again.


Finally also the album Ukraine May 2005 in the Picture Gallery got information about camera positions. Again it took me a lot of work to collect all necessary information. As with all older albums I could not determine a definite location for very few pictures.


The addition of camera positions in the Picture Gallery continues. In the album Belarus May 2002 for most pictures this information is now available. It took me a lot of work to collect all necessary information. Unfortunately for a few pictures I could not determine a definite location. Anyway some of the pictures are not added to the album.


The camera position is now displayed for all picture in the gallery Greece December 2004. Of course the map view is also available there. Finally I was able to repair the last 2 damaged pictures and to add them to the gallery.


The changes concern the Picture Gallery. The camera position is now displayed for all picture in the gallery Latvia May 2003. Accordingly the map view is also available there.

In the gallery Estonia/Finland May 2006 I have changed plenty of camera coordinates for the following reasons:

  • More detailled maps are now available for a large part of the national park Lahemaa so that more precise information is possible now.
  • In the area of Helsinki the map material was moved so that a correction of a few meters was necessary.

In some cases it may happen that in the detail view the 2 buttons to switch between picture view and map view are not fully visible if the description text is a bit too long. There will be a solution for this. But at the moment I don't have a concrete idea about how this will be realized optically.


New function in the Picture Gallery: By integration of the Google Maps technology it is now possible to display the camera position of a picture in a map. In the detail view of a picture there 2 buttons in the left column with which you can switch between picture view and map view.

This function is currently available for all pictures whose camera coordinates are displayed already (Estonia/Finland May 2006 and Serbia May 2008). Some enhancements and improvements of details will follow up by time.


Another 89 pictures may be viewed at Serbia May 2008.


Another journey in the meantime means new pictures, of which the first 73 may be viewed at Serbia May 2008.


Due to the extent of the Picture Gallery I have now integrated a Search function, so it is possible to display pictures filtered by several categories. At the moment this function is still kept a bit simple, but it will be enhanced. Then it should be possible, i. e. to enter search terms.
At this point I have to mention that Search does not work with some older browsers. The following browser versions are supported:

  • Internet Explorer: 5.0+
  • Firefox: 1.0+
  • Mozilla: 1.5+
  • Opera: 8.0+
  • Netscape: 6.2+

In the Software Archive I found an error which lead to the problem during the download process that unintentionally a wrong file name was suggested in the save dialog. This problem is fixed now.


There are 83 another pictures from my latest journey to watch at Estonia/Finland May 2006.

Now the detail view also shows the coordinates of the camera position - and in most cases very exactly. So far I made it for all of the pictures of this one journey only but I´m going to update the rest accordingly at some future time.


At the beginning of the year there are not any new pictures. But I worked several days to change and improve many things, most of them "behind the façade".

But there are also some nice little things on the surface, which will be noticed. So there is for instance a more comfortable overview of the Picture Gallery.


For a long time it was very quiet here. But now I have found enough time again to work hard.

For the moment here are another new pictures from my latest journey at Estonia/Finland May 2006. I added exactly 92 pictures. And I can tell so far that this was surely not the end.


I continue with another 38 pictures from my latest journey at Estonia/Finland May 2006.


I continue with another 54 pictures from my latest journey at Estonia/Finland May 2006.


From my recent journey I have brought home again a lot of pictures. That´s why it was neccessary to change to structure of the site a bit. All existing and following pictures can now be found in the section Picture Gallery. All existing galleries are listed there on the main page. Apart from that on the surface everything is still as usual.

This time I start off with the first 38 pictures from my current journey to Estonia & Finland, which of course can be found in the gallery Estonia/Finland May 2006.


As promised I added 42 more pictures from the journey to Belarus in 2002 (Belarus and Journeys). At this occasion I also reworked a lot of the existing ones. There are still several remaining pictures from this journey.

I did some technical changes of the pictures from the journey to Ukraine in 2005 (Ukraine und Journeys) which led to a decreased file size of most pictures.


I made the last sections (Belarus and Journeys) available bilingually, too.

In this occasion I picked out 39 of the remaining pictures from the journey to Belarus in 2002. There are yet more to follow later.


I reworked parts of the Software section. Beside some corrections that is now also available in 2 languages.

I´m looking to my next journey in one week. I hope again to bring back many pictures. Recently my camera said good-bye so I will see how good my new one will do its job.


In the picture gallery of my journey to the Ukraine I made small corrections of a few descriptions.

Probably you already found the link to the RSS Feed in the main menu. For everybody who doesn´t know what it´s all about: with RSS and a suitable RSS Reader (e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird) you can receive infos about updates and new topics about a website. Just subscribe the feed by copying the link and you get infos very easily without browsing the website every time.


Further 57 pictures are added to the picture gallery of my latest journey to the Ukraine. With altogether 269 pictures this gallery is now complete. There are still 16 pictures, but I wont publish them for quality reasons.


Another giant step is done to complete the picture gallery of my latest journey. Under Ukraine - Picture Gallery I added 78 new pictures.


Now from my journey to the Ukraine the next 68 picture can be found here in the gallery.


I´m back again from my journey to the Ukraine with nearly 250 pictures. That´s why I worked intensively to put the first 66 pictures online here. The link to the pictures is: Ukraine - Picture Gallery. Of course this section is bilingual. But because of a lack of sufficient information I probably will have to correct some descriptions later on.

I have some pictures left from the journey to Greece which are damaged unfortunately because of a problem with the memory card. Luckily, some time ago I was able to repair 2 of these pictures (A016, A059). These are added now to the section Greece - Picture Gallery.
Well, there are 2 another damaged pictures. It´s quite difficult to say whether I will be able to restore them too. Maybe I will try to do that at a later time. But however, here and now I declare the picture gallery from the journey to Greece with an amount of 118 picture as completed.


I set up a guestbook now. If you like to leave any wishes or comments to me or to other visitors you can sign it here. For the beginning it´s still very basic but I´m planning to extend the functionality.

So far indexing of my homepage by search engines didn´t work very well. Except the main page all of the sub pages were just ignored. I think I found the reason for this. I made appropriate modifications so that this homepage will be completely searched by the Web Robots and some more visitor will enter this page soon.


This time several small changes were made.

At first I have created this news page to avoid a menu page overloaded with too much old information. Here you can read detailed information about the current update, and also all older update infos. The menu page will now have only a small news field.

The 3 existing picture galleries got a small enhancement. The dates of the picture descriptions now have time zone information, which can be read as follows:

  • CET = Central Europe Time
  • CEST = Central Europe Summer Time
  • EET = Eastern Europe Time
  • EEST = Eastern Europe Summer Time

For reasons of homogenity I have renamed the section Riga to Latvia.

I also worked on enhancements of the multilingual capabilities of this homepage. From now on the section Latvia is available in German as well as in English.


For urgent reasons I started to make the homepage multilingual. The menu page and the current section Greece are now available in Englisch, too.

Additionaly I updated the section Greece - Picture Gallery once again. There can be found 10 more pictures (altogether there are now 116 pictures). I used this ocassion to do some corrections of this picture descriptions.


With another 54 pictures the area Greece - Picture Gallery ist almost completed.


Last update for this year: the first 52 pictures in the area Greece - Picture Gallery.


Again 18 new pictures in the area Riga - Picture Gallery.


The first update for this year with a refresh in the area Software and coding changes of the page.


Another 36 new and some re-edited pictures in the area Riga - Picture Gallery.


Another 19 pictures in the area Riga - Picture Gallery.


Two new program in the area Software for download.
The first 35 pictures from the Riga journey can be found in the new area Riga - Picture Gallery.


Again 48 new pictures from several topics can be found in the area Belarus - Picture Gallery.


New area Software with the first 4 programs for download.


Once again the area Belarus - Picture Gallery is extended by 78 pictures.


Again 78 new pictures can be views in the area Belarus - Picture Gallery.


Some displaying problems with Netscape are repaired.
In the area Belarus - Picture Gallery there are 45 more pictures from May 2002.


In the new area Belarus - Picture Gallery the first 23 pictures from May 2002 can be viewed.


The site is online.

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